High heels: a blessing and a curse

17 July 2018

High heels have always been considered attractive and women are literally seduced and mesmerise by them. A man sees high heels as a mere symbol of female sensuality and elegance. A woman knows instead that wearing high heels can represent many aspects of her lifestyle and her mood.



High heels history is quite ancient and complex. The earliest records that document the use of high heels, probably during ritual ceremonies, date back to the Ancient Egypt.

Current image of independence and emancipation, high heels were initially a symbol of domination and submission. According to some scholars, both the Turkish odalisques and the Chinese concubines were used to wear very high shoes. As those footwear were so high to be similar to stilts, sometimes women had to use a cane to walk that also prevented them from escaping from the harem.

What is curious though is that heels were worn by men too. Horsemen, for example, wore them in battle to ensure their feet stayed in the stirrups.

However, the invention of high heels, in the way we know them today, can be accredited to Catherine de Medici. She was young, petite and most of all in competition with her future husband’s tall and beautiful mistress. She didn’t get discouraged easily though, that’s why during a ceremony she showed off her two inches heels. Everyone got inebriated by her captivating charm and from that day on heels became a women’s must have.

Nowadays heels are a real women’s ally and even in their higher version they can be comfortable. This summer’s hottest trends are giving us serious options with variable height as well as a wide specter of colors and fabrics.

Jewel embellished stilettos with a comfortable large heel, kitten and low heels that are small yet fine and chic for a very bon-ton look.

The real big news in the heels world are the “Avant-gards” which take inspiration from science, art and geometry becoming curious geometric solids and creating minimalist style outfits.

We suggest you to go for solid and easier-to-wear heels leaving instead the most aesthetic and eccentric choices to the red carpet stars. It is also well known that a large rectangular- shaped heel is more comfortable and provides you with more stability than a stiletto.

If during the footwear production we consider not only the aesthetic factor but also the high quality of used materials and the anatomical study of the foot, the result is a perfect mix of comfort and health for your feet.

This has to be the main criteria of choice when you go to buy your new shoes, whether it’s for a special occasion or for your daily look.

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