Oxford and Derby shoes: what women want from men in terms of lace up shoes

Men’s lace up shoes in a nutshell: a mix of style and comfort. It is well known that women love “stealing” items from men’s wardrobe and they really go crazy about Derby shoes. Over the centuries indeed, women could not resist the androgynous charm and comfort of this footwear. These shoes were introduced to the …

17 December 2018
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boots! Ankle boots!

Early boots appeared during the XVIII century and were exclusively a male footwear. Only a century later they were included in women’s fashion footwear remaining there forever. Nowadays there are a thousand versions: high, low, pointed, in leather, in satin, with studs and so on and so forth. Despite their “age”, boots can still amaze …

17 November 2018
Winter 2018/2019 trends

Trend: the way things tend to go; style; vogue. The best term to define the tendencies of this fall/winter 2018/2019 is contamination. The world is getting closer and closer, cultures influence each other and travelling has become easier and cheaper thanks to the low-cost companies. This phenomenon, symptom of the world ongoing change and contamination, …

17 October 2018
One Thousands And One Sneakers

Sneakers, tennis shoes, running shoes… There are a thousand ways to call sports shoes. The term ‘sneakers’ seems to be, however, the most mainstream in the fashion system.

17 September 2018
Rodeo girl – the return of the texan boots

Texas boots, also known as cowboy boots, can be made of different leather types depending on the herdsmen’s country of origin. They have always been associated with the American western image: warm colours, sandy textures and shabby leather. Wearing them is like stepping back in time to the Old Wild West, a world full of …

17 August 2018
High heels: a blessing and a curse

High heels have always been considered attractive and women are literally seduced and mesmerise by them. A man sees high heels as a mere symbol of female sensuality and elegance. A woman knows instead that wearing high heels can represent many aspects of her lifestyle and her mood.  

17 July 2018
Summers’s back

Summer’s back and it’s officially time to prepare our feet for that! Here are some of our top tips to help you find the right shoes for your summer.

17 June 2018
Summer 2018 fashion trends – Style for Women

Mixed textures, colourful patterns and brightness. Those are the main tendencies of the upcoming season for which designers have focused very clearly on the 80s and 90s. So mix and match the rainbow shades to find the ones tailored to you.

17 May 2018
I choose the Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes are basically considered to be the classic shoes but even though they were born long time ago, they have always reflected the ever-changing cycle of fashion trends. The very first Oxford shoes can be traced back to the period right before the French Revolution, then we can easily imagine how different they were …

17 April 2018
Fake goods on display: we just want to make sure you are not taken for a ride

MICAM, the world’s most important international footwear show organised and promoted by A.N.C.I. (the National Association of Italian Footwear Manufacturers) held in Milan from 11 to 14 February, closed edition number 85 with 44,227 visitors. Every year numerous visitors come to experience innovation, quality and design and to have the sneak-preview of the new collections.

17 March 2018
Proper Care for Leather Shoes

Everyone knows that leather shoes are essential to match our daily outfits. Always so elegant and classy, they definitely do the trick no matter what you are wearing. We use them every day and they put up with a lot: long walks, stressful days at work, sport training and poor weather conditions. That’s why after …

17 February 2018
Sock boots: this season’s must have. Wearing is believing

The sock boots trend (also known as cuissard boots) has been “riding the catwalk” for 2 years with the appreciation of an increasing number of women. High or low heeled boots, covered in velvet, in leather or in fabric, close-fitting or soft, they are suitable for all tastes and all ages.

27 January 2018
How to wear heels without pain

High heels: lovely means of seduction or cause of suffering? A woman can hardly resist their charm. She sees them, falls in love with them. She wants them and finally buy them magically forgetting about all the pain she might go through during an evening when she would give anything to have a pair of …

20 January 2018