One Thousands And One Sneakers

17 September 2018

Sneakers, tennis shoes, running shoes… There are a thousand ways to call sports shoes. The term ‘sneakers’ seems to be, however, the most mainstream in the fashion system.


The origin of this word can be attributed to the American advertising agent Henry Mc Kinney who used it in 1917 to describe the “Keds”, the very first sneakers. The etymology involves the verb “to sneak” which means “to move silently.”

This is how shoes with a rubber sole turned into the silent shoes called sneakers.

We all know that we can be described as sneakerheads. We’ll never get rid of some of our shoes because we love them the same way we love our clothes and accessories and we are aware that fashion is an eternal throwback.

And there you are, stealing fashion items from the armoire of memories such as the classic Reebok sneakers worn by your mother when you were a little girl; the legendary Adidas Gazelle, the Super Star, the Puma basket shoes or even the New Balance. The evergreen shoes are re-interpreted with an unexpected use of crayon colours and fabrics to be matched with sequins, stones and brocaded velvets just as a real stylist.

However, in 2018 these nostalgic shoes weren’t the only ones playing a major role in the fashion scene. There were also some sneakers we didn’t really fall in love with at the very first sight. At the beginning we went through a phase of rejection, this refusal turned then into curiosity that led us to snatch up those shoes leaving shops out of stock of the most famous models. We are talking about the Chunky sneakers or the Dad sneakers, the “genetically modified” shoes deliberately ugly, with a massive sole and overstated size.

This sneaker is described by many as futuristic, masculine and a bit in the style of ‘nerd-of-the-early 80s’ and in perfect match with contrasting colours. In a few words our suggestion is to try to combine this very sporty and eye-catching shoe with a simple, elegant and if possible, sartorial look. A cashmere coat, a shaved wool turtleneck, straight jeans or cigarette pants, a smooth leather bag.

For the rest of the women (let’s say a good 90%) who don’t want to dare too much but still want to wear stylish and comfy shoes, we recommend sock sneakers. Do you remember the sock boots? Well, here for you a new version of tennis shoes recalling socks. It took a while to get used to them too…but they are way easier to be understood and appreciated.

A strategic choice for both men and women. You can combine them with wide or tight jeans up to the ankle; try them paired with a fabric trench coat, with a grandmother-style braided sweater or any other old style garment that goes against this futuristic shoe model.

They are definitely the most wearable and original sneakers on the market right now.

For those who want to have a unique yet simple style the fashion industry offers a wide range of decorated sneakers; the jewel shoes embellished with glitter, sparkling stars and pearls! A riot of romance and eccentricity.

These are the most impetuous and overwhelming currents. But some people prefer to stay on shore deciding how, when and where to swim without risking being pushed too far from their own personality.

King Tartufoli is a safe harbor where to land. After decades of navigation in the fashion world, we decided to make of high quality our lighthouse. We decided indeed to make the difference through the softness of our leathers and the comfort of our footwear. Essential lines with a strong character given by the use of contrasting colours and materials. Our sneakers are stylish, peculiar and really suitable for all women.

With our hands, our hearts and our minds, we want to thank our long-standing customers and followers as well as the ones who will become our customers and followers maybe by reading this (hopefully) pleasant and interesting reading.