I choose the Oxford shoes

17 April 2018

Oxford shoes are basically considered to be the classic shoes but even though they were born long time ago, they have always reflected the ever-changing cycle of fashion trends.

The very first Oxford shoes can be traced back to the period right before the French Revolution, then we can easily imagine how different they were from the ones worn today by women living life to the full. Considered the frenetic pace of modern life, people’s needs have drastically changed in terms of comfort and elegance. Oxford shoes: high, law or super flat; in leather, velvet, suede or patent leather. They have been designed in different models and colours to suit every mood and occasion.


Imagine that your alarm doesn’t ring and you’re officially running late for work just today that you have that important meeting scheduled at 09:00 o’clock. You know, like the saying goes, it never rains but it pours. Don’t worry! Here is what you need to do. Start by choosing a pair of Oxford shoes that will add a touch of elegance and a bit of self-confidence to your outfit thanks to its bold and masculine lines.
Then wear cool denim jeans (they were born as work pants) to show that you’re a pragmatic and a flexible person. Then it’s the turn of a silk blouse to say “Hey, I’m all those things, but I’m a woman too”. Last but not least, the jacket, the cherry on top for a perfect look!

If you are mothers, students, business women or more generally women who clock up the miles, Oxford shoes are a good alternative to sneakers for you too. I think you can leave your lovely sporty outfit in the closet for a couple of days and choose an outfit to fully enhance the beauty of your body.

In the mood of being the dancing queen? Don’t believe who says “beauty is pain”.  You can have fun, be fashionable and avoid annoying sprains with just a few ingredients: 1 pair of high heeled Oxford shoes, 2 thigh high socks or 2 knee socks depending on the final effect you want to have. Then choose a midi-short dress, may be a slant cut one, which can give you a bit of lightness and a few more inches. Depending on the season you can wear a poncho, a bolero, a leather jacket or a denim one, 2 earrings or 3/4 rings if you prefer, 1 handbag and a couple of perfume drops.

Wanna follow one of the most popular trends of the last years? Here some tips for you. To create a boyish style you must wear the typical man’s shoes: the oxford shoes. Now open the wardrobe and choose a simple white shirt and button it up to the collar; wear cigarette trousers and lastly pick the most masculine blazer you have… and job done!

It’s quite obvious that Oxford shoes are a must have and the high quality materials of our products really make the difference. That’s why the Oxford shoes by King Tartufoli are best buy of the year! Season by season with our passion and our skills we produce handmade footwear that are so comfortable that you don’t care about the distance but simply enjoy the journey.

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