Sock boots: this season’s must have. Wearing is believing

27 January 2018

The sock boots trend (also known as cuissard boots) has been “riding the catwalk” for 2 years with the appreciation of an increasing number of women.

High or low heeled boots, covered in velvet, in leather or in fabric, close-fitting or soft, they are suitable for all tastes and all ages.

Currently the market offers innumerable types of  shoes, you just have to choose properly! It’s not always that easy though.

Well, boots are really beautiful but…how to combine them with clothes? That’s simple! Wear high boots over leggings, with a high waisted knee length skirt or with medium length dresses. Ankle boots work perfectly with midi or mini skirts, for those who can wear the latter ones confidently, but they can also be paired with wide-leg slacks, trousers skirts or culotte pants. The key is to not overdo it. Don’t be afraid to create new outfits but always stay true to yourself and to your own personality. Gli stivali calzino sono il trionfo del binomio estetica-comodità.

Sock boots are the triumph of the aesthetics-comfort combination. For many years tights have been banned from the fashion system and women had to keep their legs wrap and warm wearing trousers. The boldest ones showed their legs off by paying a heavy price!

This footwear, as seen in the 60s/70s, is now back in fashion although has been welcomed as a real turning point. They are beautiful, comfortable but, above all, they allow you to wear skirts having 90% of your leg covered and therefore warm. However they also allow the uncovered skin to be half-seen in an extremely sensual and feminine way.

Moreover the high quality materials were designed to be more eleastic. They wrap the leg without weighing it down e in some low models of boots they follow the shape of your ankle giving you a greater silhouette.

Sock boots in short: boots to be worn as a second skin. As Carrie Bradshaw in Sex & The City  used to say “There are two things you can never have too many of: good friends and good shoes”.
As for good shoes… we know how to help you!


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